Saturday, September 28, 2013


I don't actually believe in fairies but I'm forever fascinated with the fairy houses I find in the web.  I'm awed and kept thinking "How did they do that?"  

So I tried making one and when I got the hang of it, ended up making more than 10!  I just used materials I find in my stash and in the garden -- chipboards, tile grout/putty (as I didn't have commercial modeling paste then), real pebbles, my DIY alcohol inks and dried anything I picked in the garden (and neighbors' gardens nyahahahaha!)

Presenting my pixie houses:

I used various materials for these houses -- chipboard for the house and base, real pinecones and pebbles, dried moss, air dry clay creations usually for the doors, dried flowers, branches and whatnots, popsicle sticks for the picket fences.  For coloring, I used my DIY alcohol inks (from coloring pens) and some acrylics.  For sealing, I alternate between Jo Sonjas waterbased sealer and plain varnish.  I used Stikwel construction glue and hot glue to adhere pieces.  The base is 5" in diameter, the actual house (excluding the roof span) is 2.5" x 2.5" x 4".  

Most of these houses have been sold for fund-raising causes sponsored by my local facebook crafting group, Philippine Crafters Association, or given as gifts to relatives and friends.  Sadly, I forgot to leave at least one pixie house for myself :(

I'v also created other fairy-scapes which I find more fun to do.  I just create from scratch using a 5" diameter chipboard as base, depending on what dried whatnots I have on hand, I created these: 

I used a cardboard tube to make this pixie tower.  

I also made little wishing wells like this using air dry clay, wooden sticks, embossed chipboards, mulberry paper flowers and dried pine cones & leaves :)  They're really cute :)

I saw a very nice pixie gazebo and tried to make one using wooden sticks, air dry clay, paper & fabric flowers and stamens.  I free-formed the roof with air dry clay, put some dried moss, then embellished.

I also made a smaller template for my pixie house, then grabbed a wine glass and made myself a candleholder.  I've given this to another crafting friend who hosted a very exciting and fun-filled crafting contest in June from which my online crafting buddy/partner won (we both won a Sizzix Big Shot machine in blue and teal color yay!).  

When I ran out pinecones for the roofs, I changed tactics and made twinkling pixie houses instead.  I used those fabric-like specialty papers I have.  Here's a short video I made:

My Twinkling Pixie Houses

I used a twinkling tea light candle which I painted with various materials, cut a hole at the base so the switch will stick out.  

I haven't gotten around to making these pixie creations these days and I hope I'd get the urge to do them again.

Thanks for dropping by!

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