Friday, July 20, 2012

Getting Started... AGAIN

I found out last night that my attempt at blogging started 2 years ago when I tried to create a blog here at (and also at wordpress).  I wanted to enter a scrapbook layout in a local scrappers' blog and I didn't want to use my facebook account for my entry. Turned out I already used my email account when I viewed it, it was so pathetic I decided I would edit my layout and template and everything.  

Feeling I could do it easily, I pasted my chosen design template html code to the template box and voila! all I could see are random series of letters and characters and I have no effing idea how to undo it!  

I thought I should just delete my account but found out that it would affect my youtube subscription as well.  My son would kill me (and don't think figuratively LOL!) if our youtube account gets deleted.  Our favorite-d vids have already reached the thousand mark!  So much as I hate it, I figured, what the heck, create a new email account and create a new blog.  It's not the blog that troubled me, it's creating a new email account that did.  I hate having multiple email accounts as switching from user to user is such a hassle. And my old account is really old it pains me to be disloyal LOL!  

Anyway, here goes another blog.  I'll be posting some (okay, quite a lot of) inanities and nonsense here but basically it would feature my scrapbook layouts and papercrafts.  Cheerio! 

Ces (the whatever/however scrapper)

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