Saturday, July 21, 2012

sit back & just RELeX

Hello again! 

This is my 3rd entry for the Filipino Scrapbooker's Sketch Challenge #2

I've always found it hard doing layouts with my son as the subject because he doesn't like having flowers or butterflies, pink or purple or all those girly-girl stuff.  And I'm not really a big fan of arrows and stars either. I was lucky to get away with the flower chipboard mini-album I used as photo mount because it has mostly blue on it and no pink or purple LOL!

I ran out of bluish cardstock so I made do with this green one and simply brushed Koh-I-Noor Crackle Lacquer Top Coarse (I don't have those crackle paints).  When dried I brushed different hues of blue and flesh tint acrylic paints. I must have done something not right because it didn't achieve that crackle and the paint sort of rolled.  But I guess it becomes part of the "distressed effect".  Whatever. LOL!

Most of my layouts have a back story and for me there lies the joy of scrapping not just coming up with wonderful layouts but having a story captured on that layout. 

I cut this silhouette of him sitting and mounted it to a red velvet lounge chair I saw in a magazine.  Fits perfectly LOL!  And I cut the crown from a pattern paper.  He didn't like the crown, by the way. because it has a heart in it, he wanted the other one I cut but I told him it was wider than his head!  

A little back story for you to get the title.  My 11 y/o son has been diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay & has Moderate Mixed Hearing Disorder so he has a little speech difficulty for years as well as delayed & selective comprehension.  He spent 3 years at a Sped School until they felt he was ready to join mainstream ed.  He's only in 2nd Grade instead of being on 5th Grade but we're getting there.  He learns words and phrases more from repeatedly hearing it from the computer games he play, the movies and programs he watch than what we & the school teach him.

The title "sit back & just RELe/AX" came about from a dialog in a scifi B-movie he's currently watching repeatedly this week (one of his quirks, when he like something, he'd watch it over and over and over until he'd come to like something else!).  

When I remind him to turn off appliances when he's not using it, or turning him down to open the A/C (it's raining for heaven's sake!) or I'd tell him something is quite expensive we'd buy it later, he'd counter it with just that "it's okay.  JUST RELEX!"  He says it just how I spell it here, slangy, complete with fluttering of the eyes and placating hand gestures!

For the title, I simply wrote the sit back words on cardstock and cut it into arrow shapes to go with the sketch, the ampersand I got from my stash of ampersands I used previously for my DIY frame stands.  I hand cut ELAX and the lowercase e then put it beside the inked & outlined embossed R on the embossed cardstock and instead of wholly doing away with the uppercase A, I just put it below the lowercase e as if it sort of "fell." LOL!

I never throw away those brand/label cards that go with the scrap items I buy.  I used this one from the Cuttlebug Typeset embossing folder.  I heat embossed those small arrows on transparency to point to the letter Y and used donut-shaped mother-of-pearl beads.

I also heat embossed this Inque Boutique arrow with fine black embossing powder and make it point to the embossed letter Y which is also inked and outlined with Sharpie. 
I embossed a linen cardstock with the Typeset embossing folder and used it as the main mount following the sketch.  The wave I cut from a beach-themed pattern paper.

There you go.  I'm not as enthusiastic about this layout than I was with the first entry the one titled "my sweet butterfly." But what I really like about this is the main photo subject and the title.  LOL!

Thanks for dropping by! Have a great day! 


  1. Love the title specially what you did with the word Relax with an original letter "e".

    Thanks for joining in our sketch challenge at the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog!

    Blog: Creo by Lady Katutz

  2. what a fun, fun take on the sketch!!! i love all the alphas especially the title work. Thanks for playing along again with us at the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge blog.

    1. Thanks! I almost always make funny (& pun-ny) titles especially if my kids are the subject of the layout ;D


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