Monday, August 13, 2012

Freeze It - Sketches in Thyme Sketch #87

Most photos remind us of events, occasions, people.  In print or digital, they are captured memories.  

But have you ever encountered that photo that doesn't really remind you of when or where it was taken but reminds you more of a feeling or sentiment?  Those rare shots that kindles in you a sense of longing for something, not really melancholic but more on wanting to feel that moment or feeling again.

Well, I have such a photo of my 2 kids taken when they were 6 and 3, during those times when they tag along with us on reunions with college buddies and such.  I can't pinpoint the exact date the photo was taken or who we were with.  

Whenever I see that shot of the two of them smiling, and my son caught in that moment of playing peek-a-boo, I feel like I wanted to go back to that time when they were so happy and innocent and carefree.  Back when there were lesser worries for both them and me.  They have lots of photos of similar poses but this one really awakens that feeling in me.  It is one of my favorite shots of my kids.

I haven't framed it, it just sits tucked in my DIY slat-board, protected by ziploc, placed eye-level so whenever I raise my head while scrapping, its the one picture my eyes would lock on.

Last week, I saw the latest sketch on Sketches in Thyme, Sketch #87 and felt that it would be perfect for my photo.

I wasn't thinking of the challenge while I was doing it, I let the photo inspire me as I went along.  And here it is:

I kept the color scheme within the side of brown, I was afraid that if I attempt a more colorful layout, something might turn out wrong LOL.

Though you wouldn't immediately get the entire sentiment of the layout from the main title, the journal probably would.   The main title was actually an afterthought because I've already decided on what to put in the journal area -- 2 lines from our favorite Abba song, Slipping Through My Fingers:

I had to keep the title at a 2-word max, so I chose "freeze it".  All alphas are cut by hand :)

I printed the journaling lines on a transparency using 2 different fonts and 3 sizes so I'd have options again.  I ended up using the smallest one but I didn't want to just throw out the two unused printouts so I stick them both on the page :D

Instead of a single-paper mount, I used actual film negatives and for the print-out to be legible, I painted white pearl paint onto the spots where the journal would go.

Other embellishments are my old DIY rose using actual Simon & Garfunkel music sheets, paper cut-out for the corner (to lessen negative space which I hate :D), a wood button tied with a gold string.  I just twisted the string to make some spiral effect (because I cut it too long LOL!).

Instead of a photo mount, I used a Nympheas cardstock which was originally white & gray and turned it into a frame.  I just stained it with coffee and distressed.

Sorry for the glare in the photos (even without flash there's a glare somewhere), I'm not really good with cameras no matter how much photography tips I read LOL!

There you have it.  I plan to have this framed later on and not just included in an album.  I'd want to see it everyday and for others to see this layout, too. I simply adore this photo.

Thank you Sketches in Thyme for this wonderful sketch!


  1. You've been busy !! Thank you again ! for playing with us !

  2. Thanks again, Ms Anne :) Lots of interesting challenges, I'm running out of printed photos LOL!

  3. Great page! Love the story it tells!!!!
    Thanks for playing along with us @ Sketches In Thyme :)
    ~DT Kim

    1. Thanks Ms Kim! I always love SiT's sketches, very lovely and fun to do. :)

  4. Great take of the sketch!
    Eli (Sketches in Thyme)

  5. What a beautiful page! So many delicious textures to catch your eye, and I just love that you printed your journaling on transparencies! So pretty! Thanks so much for playing along with us this month at Sketches in Thyme!


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