Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Life Should be a Beach... and not a she-dog LOL!

Hello again ladies (& gents, if any ;P)!

It's been raining incessantly here in the Philippines for the past week and many areas in the capital and nearby provinces are already flooded, people are being evacuated, classes and offices are suspended.  

There was no announcement yet as of last night so I got up early as usual this morning as it's my kids'  Periodical Exams week.  I've already woken up my son, he's already in the bathroom about to take a bath when the school service driver texted me and told me it has been announced on TV that classes are also suspended in our area! Haist!

Opening up my favorite facebook group page instead, the Philippine Crafters Association, I posted that I hope everybody's OK since we have members who live in flood-stricken areas and one's down with intestinal flu.  I looked up the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog  to see what's the current sketch challenge and suddenly got this idea to do a summer outing page complete with this big smiling sun in shades! My personal rebellion against the non-stop rains LOL!

Here's the current Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog sketch #3

And here's my "rebellious" take on the weather:

Everything on this page is old, I used a page from an old 2008 calendar from my sister-in-law in Canada, my old hoarded scrapbook papers, old tags, old twine and old photos.  

The photos were originally framed, and they've been damaged by time and damp, portions of which were already stuck in the glass.  So I cut a silhouette of the bottom part (our feet :D) and dabbed paint again to hide the damage.  I was hoping for a sea foam look, but I guess this finish would have to do LOL!

I painted the printed scripts and dates with my DIY glittered white acrylic paint, cut the summer scrapbook paper and used the two corners, cut the sun silhouette from the same scrapbook paper and cut 4 of the beach stuff into circles from another coordinating paper.  

I had to roll the sun rays because they'd occupy almost a quarter of the page if I don't and I won't have space for the main title, "LIFE SHOULD BE A BEACH" which I just doodled using a blue metallic gel pen.

Using an old tag, I journalled my subtitle, "and not a she-dog LOL!", taking a funny slight  on the usual expression that "Life is a b_tch". Well, this is a scrapbook challenge entry, so I have to keep it wholesome LMAO! 

Stickers are also from my old stash from years back.  The sins of a scrapbook hoarder will have to come out LOL!

Did it all this morning while it's raining hard outside.  When everything's gloomy, scrap something cheery :D

Here's hoping that the rain would finally stop, the sun would come out and dry all the flooded areas, but  most specially, dry my laundry LOL! 


  1. What a rebellious LO against our current rainy weather. Still looking back at those fun summer times, huh. LOL

    I hope you're warm and safe. I'm feeling a little bit better but still needs to recover some more.

    Thanks for joining in our sketch challenge at the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog!

    Blog: Creo by Lady Katutz

    1. Glad to know you're feeling better Ms Kath! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Love that SUN! Thanks for joining our 3rd sketch challenge! Keep them coming!

    1. Thanks Ms Issa! It's actually the highlight of the whole layout not the photos LOL!

  3. what a fun summer page! love the sun and the placement of the circles above the photos. you did a great job hiding the damage part of the photos. Thanks for playing along with us at the Filipino Scrapbbokers Challenge blog.

    1. Thank you Ms Isay! This is one layout where FUN was the keyword from idea to output! It's like a virtual idea bulb "TING!" while hearing the incessant downpour of Gener LOL! :D


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